Thursday, December 21, 2006

More Cookies!

I've been baking different kinds of cookies the past few days. I've added three dozen decorated sugar cookies (bells, stars, trees, snowflakes, wreaths), lemon cookies, white chocolate/cherry cookies, and another traditional family recipe, gumdrop cookies, from my mother's recipe. Next is fudge and lastly will be a cake. John took tomorrow off from work and we're going into Eugene in the afternoon. I'll spend the morning baking pies for Christmas and make another recipe each of little mincemeat turnovers and snowball cookies. Then I'm done with the baking!

Of course, on Sunday I'll be making Christmas dinner with all the fixings and then the only thing remaining will be making the soups--turkey noodle and split pea. I want Christmas Day off from cooking and I probably won't have to cook for a week afterwards!