Monday, August 3, 2015

Books Read - August, 2015

1. Faces of the Gone by Brad Parks
2. The Player by Brad Parks
3. Liberated Medallion Quilts by Gwen Marston (NF)
4. Mom and Me Knits by Stefanie Japel (NF)
5. That Perfect Stitch: The Secrets of Fine Hand Quilting by Dierdra McElroy (NF)
6. Painting Nature in Pen and Ink with Watercolor by Claudia Nice (NF)
7. Hand-appliqued Quilts: Whimsical Designs and Simple Techniques by Tonye Belinda Phillips (NF)
8. American Folk Art Quilts by Maggie McCormick Gordon (NF)
9. Lively Little Folk Art Quilts by Gwen Marston (NF)
10. Vintage Quilts by Bobbie Aug (NF)
11. Quietly in Their Sleep by Donna Leon
12. Brush Back  by Sara Paretsky

Log Cabin Variation Quilt

A few years after I married, my husband's grandmother gave me many quilt tops, fabrics, and quilt patterns which had belonged to her sister, Clara Bentley Wooster.  This quilt top was one of them.  The edges were frayed and there were a few loose seams, but it was otherwise in excellent condition  I hand quilted it.  It is 45" x 54" and the blocks are 3".

There are a wide variety of fabrics in this quilt, some much older than others, which makes it a challenge to date.  It's one reason I brought it to be appraised when I went to the Antiques Road Show.  The textile expert told me what I'd suspected--that it is circa 1920.  Yes, there are some much older fabrics mixed in but scrap quilts are dated by the oldest fabrics and the ones in this quilt are 1910-1920.  I suspect she may have traded fabrics with others (the papers I have indicate she did just that in the 1930s and 1940s) and my husband claims he can recognize some of his great-aunt Clara's apron fabrics and some of her husband's shirt fabrics in this quilt.

Not long ago I posted a photo of this quilt on Quilts--Vintage and Antique which has among their members appraisers and antique quilt dealers including many names I recognize and respect.  The consensus was that circa 1920 was a good estimate.

A few years ago someone, seeing a photo of this quilt and intrigued by its construction, made her own version of it.  That can be found here