Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Surprises

It wouldn't be Christmas without some surprises. I'm sure, after all, that Mary and Joseph were surprised at where they found themselves on Christmas Eve.

John told me that the gift he bought me was "expensive and something you said you wanted". I guessed a carpet cleaning machine and I said it with a straight face. John is a practical kind of guy, you see. This is a man who, for our 25th wedding anniversary, bought me a new set of tires for the van. There was another part to that gift--a vacation at the Oregon Coast --and as we married in December and we were going to have to travel over the coast range, I could see the reason for the tires. But no, it's not a carpet cleaning machine. Then I remembered that he had complained about the knife not being sharp enough when he carved the Thanksgiving turkey so I guessed a set of knives. He just looked at me and said "A wise man does not buy his wife a set of knives as a gift." Well, no, I suppose not. Then he announced there would be no more guesses and no more hints. Now I'll just have to be patient and wait.

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