Sunday, May 3, 2015

Books Read - May, 2015

1. The Dead Don't Lie by Stuart Kaminsky
2. Lieberman's Law by Stuart Kaminsky
3. The Chisllers by Brendan O'Carroll
4. The Big Silence by Stuart Kaminsky
5. The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman
6.  Reykjavik Nights by Arnaldur Indriðson
7. Terror Town by Stuart Kaminsky
8. Winter at the Door by Sarah Graves
9. The Tale of Beatrix Potter: A Biography by Margaret Lane (NF)
10. Buried Angels by Camilla Lackberg
11. The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet by Hunter Hammersen (NF)
12. And Sometimes I Wonder About You by Walter Mosely
13. Thin Air by Anne Cleaves
14. The Darkest Room by Johan Theorin
15. Bearing Secrets by Richard Barre
16. Dead of Summer by Mari Jungstedt
17. Gathering Prey by John Sanford
18. Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman
19. There Goes the Bride by M.C. Beaton
20. Defender of the Innocent by Lawrence Block
21. The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman
22. Deeds of Darkness by Edward Marston
23. Land of Dreams by Vidar Sundstøl
24. Only the Dead by Vidar Sundstøl
25. The Magic Years of Beatrix Pottery by Margaret Lane (NF)
26. Beatrix Potter's Art: Paintings and Drawings by Beatrix Potter (NF)
27. Beatrix Potter's Letters by Beatrix Potter (NF)
28. The Art of Beatrix Potter by Beatrix Potter (NF)
29. Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature by Linda Lear (NF)
30. Beatrix Potter: A Journal by Beatrix Potter (NF)
31. Beatrix Potter: Selected Letters by Beatrix Potter (NF)
32. Someone to Watch Over Me by Yrsa Sigurdardottir