Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I spent the afternoon baking cookies. I made the "must haves"--the butter cookies with candied cherries, the snowball cookies, and little mincemeat turnovers. The snowball cookie recipe is from John's Danish great grandmother Rasmussen; he remembers helping her make them by rolling them in powdered sugar. He was about four and that's a nice memory for him. The photos show about half the cookies I baked. The rest have been put away for guests and for the other boys and some were set aside to be tucked into John's lunchbox.

I plan on baking more cookies this week: the orange cookies and the cherry ones; the chocolate crinkles and the Santa whiskers. Then there are the cakes: the fruitcakes, the rum cake, the white cake with lemon filling and white frosting covered with coconut.

I've not finished decorating the house; there are boxes of ornaments all over the living room. I'll get a tree and most of what I need at the grocery store on Friday. There are still the presents to wrap and a few yet to find.

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