Sunday, December 2, 2012


It's December 2nd and I am on vacation until January 7th.  I have an entire month to do what I want but, like when my sons were small and I unexpectedly had a few hours or even an entire afternoon to myself, I end up wandering around what to do first.  I have to do some house cleaning and decorate for Christmas, make Christmas cookies, get presents and wrap them, and put up the tree.  I did get John to put the six boxes of Christmas ornaments and decorations down and into the spare room and there they sit. 


I'm working on a Fair Isle knit stocking for my new granddaughter Violet, but I'm it finding it hard and I'm worried about the after thought heel.  Will I get it done in time?  Maybe.  Or perhaps I'll sew her a Santa bag instead.

I'm knitting two scarves for myself.  Scarves are boring.  Maybe I'll put them aside until January.

Then there's quilting.  I thought about making this quilt:


and pieced six of the star blocks.


While looking for fabrics, I came across the blocks I'd made last winter for a quilt I'd called Homecoming. I posted photos of these blocks then and here's the link

Now I've decided to re-purpose them, along with the six star blocks, into a Winter quilt.  This way I can add snowmen, more stars, animals, people, and sheep.  Yep.  Just what I need.  Another project to add to the list. 

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