Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 1- Home

Home is where the heart is is one of my favorite quotations.  John is retired and I work part time, and while we have both the time and money to travel, we are happy to stay home.  I especially love this time of year when the weather is still beautiful and I can leave all the windows and doors open.  The backyard has  rose bushes and a herb garden, a clothesline and an apple tree.  I can hear our chickens clucking, wild birds singing, the snick-snick of a neighbor's sprinkler, and a dog occasionally barking in the distance.

On the days I'm not working, I spend the mornings doing housework and the afternoons knitting and quilting, sometimes reading or listening to music, and occasionally napping.  John works in his office and shop a good part of the time and throughout the day, I'll bring him some coffee or iced tea, show him what's come in the mail, give him a kiss for no reason at all. 

There's a difference between home and house.  I live in a house, but having John with me makes it home. And I'm very grateful for that.


Rani said...

Great blog, Monique.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Monique!