Saturday, April 14, 2007


Quilting is one of the things I gave up doing when I started library school. There were many days I quilted 8-10 hours a day. It would take me one month to hand-applique or machine piece a full size quilt top and another month to handquilt and bind it. I no longer have time for quilting. The quilt I was working on when I was accepted to library school a year ago is still in the frame. The fabrics I was using to hand-applique a top are still on my desk in my sewing room. I spent yesterday straightening my sewing room. There was dust everywhere.

And then there are the quilt shows I attended. The last one I went to was at the Oregon Coast last August. Thank goodness for online quilt shows! Here's one I found recently. I couldn't have physically gone to this one. It's in Australia! There are many beautiful quilts to dream over here and, of course, I haven't given up my habit of making lists of quilts I want to make "someday".