Sunday, March 18, 2007

More Projects

Carol and I are organizing our church's annual quilt show. It will be May 18 and 19 (the week-end after Mother's Day). We can't have it the first week-end of May because that's when the elementary school has their huge fund-raiser and later in the month we're getting into people's summer plans. I'm working Saturday afternoon but I'll be able to help set up on Friday afternoon and work in the kitchen Saturday morning. This is our fourth show so we've got a pretty good handle on it.

Yesterday a member of our church decided we should have an all-you-can-eat spaghetti fund-raiser to be held the Saturday after Easter. Yes, that's right. In four weeks. Ten of us met after church today to plan it. Mind you, ten people is about a third of the members of our church. We agreed that Doug is making the sauces (one with meat, one without, and no mushrooms because Stephanie hates mushrooms but there will be some sauteed ones on the side), that Karen is doing publicity and will secure the necessary permits, that Stacey will find some Parmesan cheese shakers (we decided on one for the kitchen and one for each table), that we'll use real plates and silverware (we'll sign up volunteers for dish washing), that I will provide the Parmesan cheese and noodles, that Rosalie will take care of the garlic bread, that someone (I've forgotten who now) will provide the salad and fixings, that we'll use the blue and white checkered tablecloths, that we're charging $6 for adults, $4 for children under 12, and free for those under 4 and dinner will be all-you-can-eat spaghetti and sauce, salad, garlic bread, drink and dessert.

We'll pass around a sign-up sheet next Sunday for people to donate desserts. We're hoping Jeri will make some of her famous brownies and that Juanita will contribute some pies. I'll probably make a pie or two and maybe a couple of fruit crisps. So, we're off. We're planning on at least 100 people. All of this was decided in about twenty minutes. We're good. We do this all the time. We'll probably run into glitches but we'll overcome them, we'll make a little money, and best of all, we'll have fun!