Friday, December 21, 2007

Just a Bit More

Yesterday we went to town. I bought a ham and a turkey (both small), oranges, celery for the stuffing, some nice buttery rolls from the bakery, chocolates, a red poinsettia, tea, wild birdseed, and the like along with a few small stocking stuffer type gifts. John is the one responsible for buying gifts now although I have no idea what, if anything he's gotten.

Today I baked more cookies and a pan of brownies and made the chocolate covered cherries (which should have been made last week). John and I are going to town today where I'm getting a few more small gifts, we'll go to the library, do the recycling, and then go out to dinner to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary.

Tomorrow: Finish decorating the tree, and the house, and bake the pies!

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